Gone: The Titanic

By: J. Anderson


The book Gone: The Titanic is a book about the sinking of the fateful ship Titanic the night it plunged into the ocean. Alva, a young smart quiet girl boards the titanic with her mother Laura and her sister Tabiths. Her mother is forcing her into an arranged marriage with the new owner of Harland & Wolff shipyard, Vernon Wilheim Wolff.
Alva is distraught, the man in a stranger, she doesn’t know the lad and he is simply not loveable. She tried her hardest to fall in love with the lad, but she just doesn’t get a magic spark with the lad (he is twice her age)
She stumbles along a man named Augustine. He is a third class passenger. But he is charming. Alva doesn’t want to admit that she feels drawn to this man but she can’t resist him, he’s adoring to her.
Once her mother finds out about her little shenanigans with Vernon, her mother tries in her best ability to scare her from seeing the penniless Augustine again. Beating her, cursing her, threatening her. But Alva can’t help that she’s drawn to this man.

On the other hand…. Carrie boards the ship with her mother, Dorothy and twin brother, Sylvester. Carrie is angry, pissed at her mother for all that she’s done to them. She abandons them and lies all day long. Dorothy has a big secret.
Carrie runs into a man, the man is her dead father, her supposed father who pied in an accident. For fifteen years she’s lived without this man, thinking he was dead, not to mention, she has a tiny little brother that she’s never heard of.
The Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks two hours later. In the sinking it takes many lives. I don’t want to be a book spoiler and tell you what happened during the sinking, so you’ll just have to find out by yourself.

Rating: For this book, I’d rate it a 4.5 because in the mix I did shed a few tears.

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